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Dear Ernie,
Although this letter is somewhat belated, please take this as my formal thank you for the work you did to the Lincoln Continental Convertible. It is a rare quality in our society for someone to stick by his or her work. Once again thank you.

Steven M. Pontikes
- Attorney At Law

Ernie, Sam, And Bob,

Thank you very much to replace my window on my Maxima. Emil sent me a newspaper clipping from the Chicago Tribune and I hung it here in Florida in our complex (advertising for you). The weather is in the 80's for now. Again thank you and I will recommend my friends to you.

- Mario from Wauconda
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Ernie and Orlando's,

Just a little somethin', somethin' to say thank you (once again) for taking time out of your busy day to help out a friend! You were so sweet and accommodating! That is what truly makes the world go round; you're the best!!

- Sincerely,
Becky R.

Dear Ernie,

I am very warm and toasty in my car with a brand new window!! Thanks so much for giving me such stellar service!

Rozella/ Marc's Roommate

P.S. It was really sweet how you kissed your Mom and Pop goodbye!

Ernie and Bob,

You two are too much! Thank you so much for piecing our car back together; it means a lot to us. You guys are great! Thanks again.

Lisa and Renee L.

Tom Skilling WGN 9 NEWS, Weather

To everyone at Orlando Glass,

It's great to know you watch my program, many thanks.

-All the best!
Tom Skilling
WGN 9 Weather

Bob, and Ernie Orlando,

Thank you so much for staying open to fix my Blazer. My family and myself greatly appreciate it. It's nice to know that there are nice people like yourselves to help out when needed. Thanks again!

Kelly K. from Ohio
(95' Blazer passenger window smashed)

To Whom It May Concern:
Recently, my husband took our 1988 Oldsmobile to your shop to have the Vinyl Top replaced. This car has a history- and not a very good one I might add. In the past five years, the transmission has been rebuilt, the ball joint has been replaced, the breaks have been repaired twice, and a valve job which cost $1,500, but seemed to have cured most of it's ills. So when the vinyl roof blew off as we were motoring along I felt that finally it was time for a new car. But Tom seems to have some sort of an attachment to this car so he insisted on having the roof repaired.

I was against this because it seemed to be just throwing good money, and I felt we should get a new one. But Tom won and the top was replaced. Well, I must say, it looks wonderful! And the price was right. Perhaps, he can drive this car for another 10 years!

Joyce T.

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To the Orlando Auto Top Company,
I am writing this letter as a thank you for making my first experience with your company a very satisfying one. I recently had my Volkswagen Jetta broken into on a late Friday night on a busy street in Chicago. While the items that were stolen from my car have not been found or replaced as yet, the issue of fixing the shattered window was taken care of immediately.

On a rainy Saturday in Chicago I was able to find your number on the Internet and called requesting a speedy fix of the window if possible. Bob assured me everything would be taken care of as soon as I wanted it fixed. Upon taking my car in, Ernie took my hand and said there wouldn't be a problem and that everything would be back to normal in less than a few hours. And sure enough, 2 hours later I drove my car away in a downpour with a brand new window. While this doesn't seem like a big deal, what could have been a major headache/ordeal was taken care of simply and efficiently. I was pleasantly surprised at the candor and friendliness of the people I met at your company.

I will not hesitate to refer you to my co-workers or my friends in the future. Thank you for making this process so quick and actually enjoyable. And do me a favor, tell the heiress of the Orlando company who was working at the front desk that Saturday that she's doing a great job.

Dr. Raj B.

To Orlando Auto Top staff,
I'm the customer (December 6th) with the broken window on the red Chevette. Thanks for the exceptional service. You're the best! May all the joy of the holidays be yours,

Barbara L.

To Bobby Orlando,
Thanks so much for your prompt and professional response in replacing my window. John D. has spoken highly of you and your organization and I can appreciate why. S&C is glad to have you as a loyal supplier. Enclosed please find my check. You made this as painless as possible.

Ed K.

To Bob Orlando,
Thanks for the good work on the upholstery and glass work; would you believe it's been eight cars already: '54 Ford, '70 Challenger, '49 Ford, '63 Stude Hawk, '73 Riv, '50 Olds, '60 Truck, '57 Olds.

I especially appreciate the last-minute work you do so that I can drive away satisfied, and of course the trip to my place to touch up that one job.

Chuck P., Owner
Charles Collectible Cars

Just wanted to thank you for all you help fixing my car. You guys were so nice and so fast. I will definitely keep you in mind for future car work and tell my friends.

Thanks again,
Katul G.

Mike "Murph" Murphy, 670 AM The Score Chicago Sports Radio

"Orlando Glass, It's a Winner!"

Mike Murphy
670 The Score
Chicago Sports Radio

Bob Sirott, FOX NEWS

To Ernie and Orlando Auto Top

Bob Sirott

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I wanted to write and thank you for your service on my vehicle this past Saturday.

Early Saturday afternoon, I discovered that my vehicle had been broken into via a smashed passenger window. After contacting your business, I brought my truck into your shop where you were able to replace the window within an hour prior to your closing. Your swift work and courteous salesmanship was very much appreciated and I will have no problem recommending your shop to others.

In a time when customer service seems almost to be non-existent, it is nice to see that your business stands out. In return, I would like to offer my services to you and you family and friends. We all need someone we can trust, and I owe that to you, if nothing else. So if you know anyone looking to buy, build, or refinance a home, please allow me the opportunity to service your referral in the same manner you serviced my needs, with trust and customer service.


Tim L.
Sr. Loan Officer

Dear Ernie,
What can I say? Thank you so much for taking such good care of me and Nancy. I can't believe she actually thanked me for hitting her! I really appreciate you and you family Ernie.

Best Regards,
Jennifer C.

Dear Orlando Glass:
Thank you so much for the time, quality, and effort put into working on our vehicle. Nothing but positive things and accolades is what we have to offer anyone seeking the same quality of work. We truly appreciate all you have done.

- From owner of the 75' Chevy Caprice (Blue)

Ernie and Bob,
For everything you've done...for being the special people that you are...thank you so very much.

Anthony and Lauren

Bob and Ernie:
"The world's a whole lot better place because of people like you, who give real joy and pleasure by the nice things that they do. And with your recent thoughtfulness still very much in mind, this is meant to bring a "Thank You" of the very warmest kind!"

To thank you, I have asked the priests and brothers of the Passionist Community to remember you in their Masses and Prayers offered at the Emmaculate Conception Monastery.

Jerry W.

Dear Ernie,
The glass you cut for our tables is PERFECT! We wish we did it years ago! Thank you so much!

Kevin, Jill, Paige, Madison, and Chase M.

Dear Ernie,
When I stopped in your shop around August 1, 2005 it was my third time coming to you for service. However, it was the first time I read the letters on your bulletin board from customers who have been grateful to you for your service. Add my name to your list.

I remember when Brother John S., CSC recommended me to you. He said, "you will find that Ernie is good at his craft, friendly, welcoming and keeps his word." I see he was correct on all counts.

The reason I so appreciated the work you did that day is I was on my way to Wisconsin and the immediate attention enabled me to keep my appointment. Yes, you give service with a smile. Many thanks for the alacrity with which you took care of me.

Greetings to all who work with you at Orlando Auto Glass and Trim.

Brother Roy S., CSC

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